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Death is not a concept embraced warmly in our culture.  In fact, if at all possible, most of us try not to think about our death.  Pre-Planning your funeral can be an act of caring for your friends and family members.  They will know exactly what you want for your final ceremony and will not have to make decisions when they are grieving.  Pre-Planning, most especially, gives you peace of mind and sense of control.  Pre-Planning does not have to be overwhelming or scary.  Here are some things to keep in mind.

1.  Speak Up.  These are your funeral or memorial arrangements, make sure to talk to friends and family about what your wishes are.

2.  Write Down Thoughts.  We call it ethical will.  An ethical will gives your thoughts for people you have cared about during your life.

3.  Make Decisions.  Make decisions on who recieves your assets before you're gone.

by Kelly Baltzell M.A. & Karin Baltzell Ph.D.

Pre-Planning your funeral does not mean Pre-Paying your funeral.  Anyone can come in and visit with our staff and set aside funeral or memorial arrangements.  If payment is an option at time of arrangement, than here are some things to think about.   Perkins Funeral Home and several other funeral homes in Montana invest their Pre-Arranged monies in a Wells Fargo Trust.  Together we invest hundreds of thousands every year so the return on your money is greater than if you invest a few thousand on your own.  Also, Perkins Funeral Home is paired up with Assurant Insurance to provide our families with the option of purchasing burial and cremation coverage at affordable rates to anyone.   There are several options of payment in Pre-planning your funeral or memorial service.

1.  Full payment at time of arrangement.  

2.  Time payments or monthly payments.

3.  Insurance

4.  Estate payment at time of death

Pre-paying your funeral can often benefit you if you're a member of Medicaid.  Pre-Payed funeral expenses are permitted by Medicaid in any amount as long as such an arrangement is fully funded and in an irrevocable trust or insurance policy.

Give us a call or stop in and visit with our licenced and educated staff about Pre-Planning your funeral or memorial service arrangements.